Springfield IL Lawn Care Company Uses Google Business Site

Springfield IL Lawn Care Company Uses Google Business Site

Most local businesses do not realize the importance of using Google to help expand their online presence. Many have heard of Pay Per Click advertising and to some extent that is a great service to use. But there are FREE items that a business can use to gain local exposure for their business. Of course, YouTube is the Google-owned property that most people are aware of, and obviously, that is a great place for local businesses to appear. For the local lawn and landscaping company, we are profiling today, they are definitely taking advantage of this type of free advertising. You can find their many videos and also their YouTube playlists here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCISudpmDiJ-0eNPUxe1M6ag/playlists

Equally important, this lawn care service is using Google my Business to help promote their business. Google has recently changed the name of this free product/service to Google Business Profile. We are not sure why this name change has been made, but we can no control over this. Along with signing up for Google Business Profile, there is the opportunity to make posts that the public can see. Also when posts are made, they are copied to a FREE website that is available for those in the know of where to find it and how to use it. The free Google business site can be found here https://cutting-edge-yard-service.business.site

Spring Clean Ups

Spring is the time of the year that people’s lawns start to re-activate and grow. Having leaves or debris from the Fall and Winter can hinder nutrients from getting to grass roots. This smart company posted on Google My Business at the appropriate time of year about getting the ready for spring time with a yard clean up on this post    https://cutting-edge-yard-service.business.site/posts/6761049444212676618

This is what the post looked like:

Push Mower Only Mowing Service

This smart business owner took advantage of a small but growing group of customers that wanted a bit more of personalized care and more professional results in lawn care where lawn mowing was done only by using “push” type of mowers instead of large riding type mowers. This became a small but very profitable portion of their business again that was helped along with a Google My Business post: https://cutting-edge-yard-service.business.site/posts/2241495845361372849

This is how the attractive post looked:


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