REALTOR® Call for Action: Tell Illinois legislators to vote NO on Rent Control!

REALTOR® Call for Action: Tell Illinois legislators to vote NO on Rent Control!


Illinois REALTORS® has issued a Call for Action on House Bill 116, legislation being considered by the Illinois House of Representatives that would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act and allow municipalities and counties to enact Rent Control throughout the state. The legislation could be called for a vote on the House floor as early as next week.

We need Illinois REALTORS® to act now and urge their state representatives to vote NO on Rent Control!

Watch your email inbox today for a personalized link to the Call for Action, or you can click here and fill it out. It only takes a few minutes to complete but could make a real difference in the fight against Rent Control.

Proponents are working this bill HARD – so let’s get after it!

House Bill 116 creates the path for direct government control of housing across Illinois.  By repealing the preemption, government would set price controls on rental housing. Allowing Rent Control will harm tenants, homeowners and cause significant damage to Illinois’ housing market.

Rent Control Will:

  • Decrease the supply of affordable housing, now and in the future
  • Increase segregation
  • Increase rents for non-controlled rental units
  • Deflate property values
  • Increase property taxes on homeowners, including condo owners

Rent control has been widely discredited by economists and housing advocates. Rent Control is destructive and counterproductive and will cause irreparable damage to Illinois’ economy and make housing supply problems even more difficult to solve.

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