President’s Message: Resources to Help You Succeed this Spring and Summer

President’s Message: Resources to Help You Succeed this Spring and Summer


Resources Available to Help you Succeed this Spring and Summer

As many of you know, education has played a major role in my life and I’m a strong advocate of leveraging it for one’s business success. So, I am very excited that your Illinois REALTORS® has a number of educational resources available to help you better serve your clients and increase your business the rest of this spring and throughout the summer. 

In this edition, there’s enlightening and educational information on fair housing and leveraging diversity and inclusion to grow your business. Specifically, check out the article about educational resources for advocating fair and equitable housing and a new free, online simulation program from NAR called Fairhaven. It enables you to identify, prevent and address discriminatory practices in real estate https://FairHaven.Realtor.

Visit the Illinois REALTORS® website to review the final RELA rules to ensure your office is compliant with Also check out the inventory and mortgage tip sheets to help your clients who may be reluctant to sell their homes or those who are looking for guidance on financing a purchase. Lastly, take a look at the residential and commercial outlook from the recent global symposium and Illinois Young Professionals Network’s session on leadership

Next month, join us for several online business webinars where national business experts will offer helpful tips on managing transactions for success, leveraging your social media channels, podcasting and using video to increase your visibility and communicate with existing and prospective clients.

Please take advantage of these educational resources to further sharpen your skills so you can have your best summer selling season. Wishing you well!   

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