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Journalism is one part of Springfield that can not be overlooked.  There is more happening in this field then in any other city in the state with the exception of massive Chicago.  We have been honored to get much attention mainly because of the state government that is located here and also the presence of the Illinois State Fair and the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  There is without a doubt a massive amount of information that needs to be shared with the rest of Illinois and the USA and for that matter the world.  We have been the center of attention many times!

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State Journal Register
One Copley Plaza
Springfield, IL 62705

Here is a list of some Association for Women Journalists in Springfield, Illinois and we would like to thank them as this list is curated from their website:
Name Employer Contact
Kathy Rem State Journal-Register [email protected]
Diane Ross Statehouse News Service [email protected]
Lisa Kernek State Journal-Register [email protected]
Sarah Antonacci State Journal-Register [email protected]
Eileen Brady State Journal-Register [email protected]
Mary Bohlen UIS Communication Program [email protected]
Julie Cellini freelance writer [email protected]
Nancy Chesley Lee Enterprises [email protected]
Adriana Colindres Copley Illinois Newspapers [email protected]
Charlyn Fargo State Journal-Register [email protected]
Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig State Journal-Register [email protected]
Rosalynne Harty State Journal-Register [email protected]
Vicky Katz freelance writer [email protected]
Ginny Lee Illinois Times [email protected]
Cathy Locher Catholic Times [email protected]
Peggy Boyer Long Illinois Issues [email protected]
Ray Long Chicago Tribune [email protected]
Connie Newman WICS – TV [email protected]
Christi Parsons Chicago Tribune [email protected]
Penny Zimmerman-Wills Springfield Magazine [email protected]
Margie Schroeder freelance broadcaster [email protected]
Burnie Simpson Illinois Issues