Grow Your Business this Spring

Grow Your Business this Spring


Show Your Value

“There’s a lot of pressure on the consumers to say, ‘I don’t need you (a REALTOR®),’ ” says Chris Read, designated managing broker/owner of CR REALTOR® in Woodridge. She also is a trainer, consultant and instructor at her business, CR Strategies LLC. “They tell us buyer agents don’t do a lot to earn their money anyways.”

REALTORS® need to show clients the value they offer by helping them make the best decision for their particular needs in this market, she adds.

Read emphasizes the importance of going to closings. She’s worried agents are taking shortcuts because of the pandemic and attendance at closings has been limited. That trend began happening before COVID-19 entered the picture.

“Never before has there been more reason to make sure our value is real, sincere and communicated,” she explains. “Every time we shorten our services, we are cutting into our value proposition.”

Baker shows her value by being consistent and staying in constant communication.

“Follow-up, giving speedy responses and becoming very educated in this business all play important parts,” she explains. “You also need a good CRM (customer relationship management) system.”

She switched her system last year to make sure she was being more inclusive, and everyone she came into contact with was put in the system.

“It was tedious, but so needed,” she said.

She improved her business, too, by hiring an office manager in early 2020, and has seen a 67 percent increase in closings.

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