Real estate influencer Dustin Brohm has shared numerous business-building ideas with Illinois REALTORS® members through a series of free videos and podcasts that are only available through the end of June (login required).

Here, Brohm offers five ideas to help REALTORS® get more listings through podcasts:

  1. Local celebrity status – Just by being the host of a podcast, you earn a huge credibility boost in the eyes of consumers. A podcast host is viewed the same way a local radio DJ or local TV news anchor is viewed.    
  2. Feature new listings on your podcast, or another local podcast. Take 60 seconds each episode to highlight a “listing of the week.” If it’s your show, it’s easy to reserve those slots for your own listings and mention this feature in your listing presentations.   
  3. Become THE local expert – if your podcast is something the community tunes into regularly, you’ll position yourself as the top-of-mind local expert.   
  4. Advertise on other local podcasts, which can be quite inexpensive. Sponsor the podcast as a whole, a few episodes at a time, and/or have the host read a 30-60 sec ad during the show.
  5. Be a guest expert on other local podcasts. Guests are edified as the expert on the subject matter.

Brohm is a HousingWire columnist, national speaker, host of the Massive Agent Podcast and the Industry Connected Show and is a real estate marketing and lead generation coach. Watch his videos or download and listen to his podcasts for Illinois REALTORS®.

In addition, the Boom Team has also produced videos for Illinois REALTORS® that can be accessed only during June. Members of the Boom Team are owners/operators of Ferris Property Group and they co-host the Boom Real Estate Podcast, which helps agents build an amazing businesses while building amazing lives.