5 people under 25 who are making an impact

5 people under 25 who are making an impact


From advocating for local people struggling with mental illness, to using art to communicate powerful messages, to starting businesses and volunteering, there are  young people in Springfield who are making a difference. These five people under the age of 25 — Alyssa Farmer, Jamie Reidle, Deatae Lewis, Navee Singh and Diamond Jackson — are already making their presence known and they are just getting started. Meet them.

Alyssa Farmer, 24

Alyssa Farmer poses with her acrylic and mixed media piece entitled "Self Portrait" in Springfield on July 30. "With all my art I like to show self love," said Farmer. "So this is just kinda like me showing love to myself and kinda putting myself out there." [Justin L. Fowler/The State Journal-Register]

With her art featured at local events and exhibits over the last few months, Alyssa Farmer uses her paintings to promote self-love, self-acceptance and positive body image. Often centering her work around female empowerment, the majority of her paintings are nudes of Black women, which highlight bodies with curves, a variety of hairstyles and communicate positive messaging. Even though Farmer’s work is more abstract and often inspired by photos she finds online through Pinterest, much of it also serves as a reflection of her embracing who she is.

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