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Springfield Illinois Facts And Info

As the capital of the state, Springfield geographically lies centrally in the state.  It is actually closer to St Louis than it is to Chicago.  More people across the united states are familiar with the “Windy City” and in fact we think there are a large percentage that think it is the capital LOL.  Of course the state government is here as well as a plethora of state organizations.  The largest employer in the town also the State of Illinois. Springfield is incredibly rich in history and boasts some incredible attractions that bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to this area yearly.  Many of these attractions are centered around our most famous citizen, Abraham Lincoln.
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Common Professional Business Categories

Bankruptcy Lawyer
Commercial Cleaning Company
Corporate Attorney
Cosmetic Surgery
Criminal Law Attorney
Family Law Attorney
Financial Advisor
Flooring Store Company

Graphic Designer
Hair Salon
Health Care
Insurance Agent
Interior Designer
Journalism Business Company
Lawn Care Service Company
Massage Therapist
Oral Surgeon
Personal Injury Attorney

Physical Therapy
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Brokerage
SEO Specialist
Workers Compensation Lawyer

one of the many things to see in springfield illinois and a great place to be in our business directory for springfield

our company in IL recognized the incredible importance that history plays in this great capital city

In addition to the areas that we have listed above, there are many others requests that we get for listing, but there is not enough room to list them all and yet keep a wonderful looking website.  We understand that family and community are extremely important.  The owner of this website raised three kids in this great city.  He was an owner of an allied health care eye-care practice.  Religious organizations are also something that we can not possibly leave out as this is an important part of every city.  We are so lucky to have public utilities that are incredibly affordable thanks to CWLP.  I dont think many people realize this until they end up in other towns where public utilities cost the proverbial arm and a leg.

With this being the State Capital there are also many things here in town in abundance that are not present in other towns.  There are banks and credit unions that are mainly for employee benefits eveywhere!  Try driving down Wabash or Koke Mill for 5 minutes without running into one of them. 

There is also a large amount of rental property in town and along with that goes property  management firms also.

Talk about tourist attractions also!!  Outside of Chicago this has to be the tourist attractions center for the State.  We did not look up the statistics but know there are SO MANY people that come to our fine city to see the Lincoln sites and many of these come from every other state in the USA. This is just a part of our arts and culture here.  We know that many people come to see the old state capitol plaza as it is a popular historical community organizations.

We are very fortunate to also have a wonderful Chamber Of Commerce that assists in continuing to grow the town and is a great asset for central illinois.  

While we do not know much about the area, farm management, agriculture fishing are areas we do not get into very much either but would be glad to add a listing for any of these kinds of businesses.  We have certainly enjoyed the arts culture that is associated with great places like UIS and the Hoagland Center. 

specialty retail

property management

capitol plaza

We have been asked before but we do not provide listing services for Decatur IL and really do not like to list anyone that just gives us a PO Box to use as an address.  We also are not involved much in hot deals. We certainly are not involved much in lodging travel but do enjoy our favorite restaurants food and we do need the use of automotive aviation at times. There are many family community organizations that exist and we would love to provide a listing for them also.